What is documentary family photography?

Documentary family photography is your life, unscripted. Capturing each moment as it unfolds. In your home. In your backyard. In places that are meaningful to you and doing activities that you enjoy doing. 


Who is this type of photography for?

It is for anyone, but if you don't like having your photo taken or find traditional family portraits stressful or unpleasant, this may just be for you. 


Why choose this type of photography?

It's authentic. It fits into your schedule. It's easy. There are no directions to follow. You don't have to worry about what you are going to wear. Your routine essentially remains unchanged as we do things that your family likes to do. Best of all, the kids have a blast because they are engaged and having fun.

What will I get out of this type of session?

You'll get a glimpse into a world you don't often see because you're so engrossed in it. You will get to see how others see you. You'll have treasured memories capturing your family just as you are at this moment in time. Your family will change. Dynamics will change as kids learn and grow.  It's impossible for us to remember it all. My goal is to capture whatever I can so you can look back with love and laughter.


What is a session like?

Sessions are very relaxed. I will meet you at an agreed upon location. It could be your house, cottage, a conservation area, a park. I come fully dressed in my yoga pants and hair in a ponytail. I dress comfy so that I can be sure to get the shots. I don't mind getting dirty, it all makes for great photos. I just capture you guys being YOU! Playtime, snack time, bath time...you can choose to do a specific activity or just see where the day takes us.