Meet Krissy

Hi, I'm Krissy! Thank you for taking the time to stop by my site. I understand that your time is valuable and I appreciate you considering me to capture you and your loved ones. I'm a documentary lifestyle family photographer based in Puslinch County. I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember and started Legacy Photo in 2015. 

I'm married to my long time partner Ben. We live in the small town of Morriston, just outside of Guelph with our sons Trey and Kai, and our cat Missy.

I absolutely LOVE to photograph kids and families. It's my passion. Each child and family is so unique with different personalities. I try to capture the essence of each person and their collective energy as a whole. 

What you will find during one of my sessions is different from what most other photographers do nowadays. There will be no tips on what to wear or wardrobe changes. No poses or fabricated scenarios to create moments. Rather, I join you on one of your daily adventures and capture what unfolds naturally. It could be as simple as a trip to the local playground or as grand as accompanying you on a weekend getaway.

Whoever you are and whatever your lifestyle, there is one universal truth: the only thing that we all have is time. It goes by so quickly and we never know how much of it we have left. This is one of the reasons I started Legacy Photo. In 2013 my dad passed away rather suddenly from cancer. Although I saw him often, we rarely stopped to take photos and I just don't have that many of him and I together. His passing caused me to reevaluate my life and what I wanted to do for a living. Photography had always been a passion of mine and now I'm dedicating my life to helping others preserve their precious memories. 

My aim is to capture you just as you are at this moment in time so that you can look back for years to come and remember just like it was yesterday. 

Please click here to find out more information or reach out to discuss further.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Loads of love,